You know you’re from (insert here) when . . .

I admit it, I am a Facebook junkie.  I love the feeling of keeping in touch with family and friends from afar.  I especially love chatting with grade school and high school friends as if our relationships never fell apart.

Today, I saw two groups that I loved . . . “You know you’re from West Chester when” and “You know you’re from Philadelphia when.”  These have inspired me to write my own lists, including a new one, “You know you’re from Ankara when.”

You know you’re from West Chester when:

  • You did the Freak of the Bump to Karisma at the Warner Theater
  • You attended on of Artie’s Head Banger parties
  • You caught Vernon cutting the ends off of the green beans at the A&P because he wasn’t going to pay for the parts that he wasn’t going to eat
  • You eat Habersett’s scrapple straight up on white bread
  • You bought your hoagies at Rosie’s and your penny candy at Huber’s
  • Your neighbors had names like Bummer and Bug Eyes
  • You used mint candy to draw hopscotch on the streets because you couldn’t afford chalk
  • You had your milk delivered from Eachus Dairy
  • You remember the corner store where the St. Agnes Rectory now stands
  • You wore bo-bo’s
  • You bought some form of water ice from in a dixie cup ffor 10 cents from a house at Washington and New Sts.
  • You used to work at the DK Diner
  • You pronounce Hoops park “Hups”
  • You went to Lenape Park for your school trip
  • You listened to WFIL
  • You only eat Herr’s Chips – especially since the Charles’ Chips truck don’t come round no more
  • You got your Kentucky Fried Chicken at Gino’s
  • You remember the Food Fair
  • You walked all the way across town because Bevan’s had the best hoagies and 5 cents popsicles

You know you are from Philly when:

  • You call your purse a pocketbook
  • You eat Dietz and Watson Scrapple with mayonnaise
  • You jammed to the tunes at the Black Banana
  • You know how to order at Pat’s and Geno’s, but prefer Jim’s
  • You berate the fans of any other city’s sports teams, but are quick to turn on your own
  • You sit in your front stoop or put a chair right out in the middle of the street
  • Your fire hydrant is spouting water all summer long
  • You go to Copa for the margaritas
  • You know how to pronounce Passyunk
  • You know what the Greek Picnic is
  • You never got your photo taken next to the Rocky statue because you LIVE there!
  • You love Tasty Kakes
  • You go to the mac machine
  • You know where the “Boulevard” is

You know you are from Ankara when:

  • You flash your high beams to let the car in front of you know you are going to pass
  • You never consider driving through Kizilay at rush hour
  • You treat your friends and new acquaintances like kings but curse at every driver on the road
  • You know how to get to each of the million or so neighborhoods
  • You know which neighborhood has the “best” of almost anything
  • You have a cleaning lady
  • You go to Ulus for fish
  • You go to Kizilay to get your printer cartridges refilled
  • You know where to find bootleg movies
  • You can tell the difference between an Ankara resident whose licence plate says “06” and a non-Ankara resident who managed to get an “06” license plate – just by the way they drive
  • You call METU “ODTU” (that’s for the expats!)
  • You go to the mall for a day out
  • You know where to go for the best manti short of Kayseri
  • You get your bread at the bakery, your veggies at the pazar, and your meats at the butcher without walking more than one block
  • You to to ODTU with your visitors to enjoy a park-like setting, even though you don’t attend that university

Feel free to join in on the fun!  Where are you from and how would we know it?

7 thoughts on “You know you’re from (insert here) when . . .

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  1. you know when you’re in Okcular when you look out of the same window at the same view and can’t believe how beautiful it is.
    . . . that’s it!

    1. If you keep that up, I am going to have to come visit you! Loved the views of Gumusluk. I will add pics from our trip soon. It was awesome to be near Bodrum, but have the look and feel of a small village.

  2. It seems I am the only one that in spite of being a student at ODTU/METU prefers to do her life in the city; lately I fell in love with Ulus and I try to spend as much time there as I can – I never bought fish there though, there is a fish shop just five min. away from my place! 😉

    1. Hi Reyhan – there is a fish place just around the corner from me, about a 1 minute walk. But I am told to go to Ulus for it. You should try it and let me know if they are any better. There are a bunch of them together in a Pazar-like setting.

  3. Sorry…I am claiming Facebook Junkie over you.
    I was in FB when it was JUST Harvard, MIT and Wellesley (why do you think they added our school?!?!)
    Mark Zuckerberg was sleeping with a girl on my hall junior year (reference above)
    We all were actually friends with our FB “friends.”
    That is right 2004!

  4. Yes T,

    The good ole “Head Bender” parties. Wow, what memories lie there! The last one had close to 3,000 people there including the “Pagan’s Motorcycle Club.

    Not once did we have any type of problems with the attending crowd. The following “Head Bender” never happened cause the owner of the property would not allow us to use his land. The crowd would have been well over 5,000 not including walk-ins. Heck, the property always maintained it’s beauty and all trash was removed the very next morning cause we slept there overnight in sleeping bags, my Orange Custom Van and whatever to make sure everything was back in place and no residual was leftover. Thanks for the “mention of”!

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