It’s Never Easy

Being on vacation is never easy.  There’s always more to do than expected and much less rest than there should be.  In my case, the lack of easiness is multiplied many times.

I’m back at mom’s – who now has two of my siblings living with her and two teenagers!  Still, it’s a lot less people than when we moved into the house back in 1972.  The house is a 3-story twin.  But let’s just say, it’s one of those houses that young families now would declare as “not enough room for my kids.”  It’s a 4-bedroom since the attic was converted to a large bedroom.  One of the smaller rooms used to host me and 3 of my sisters in army-issued bunk beds.  Wow, those were the days.

Our House - Spring 2010

But back to today.  I’m here in the Philadelphia area, trying to get a little rest.  So far I made a 240-mile trip to pick up medical supplies.  I attended an 8 hour continuing legal education class given by a guy in the insurance industry (who obviously did not like lawyers.)  I have been to see one doctor.  I have met my newest great-niece.  (I have lost track of how many I have now.  Somewhere around 30 nieces and nephews and approximately 20 greats.) And I have enjoyed a multitude of visits from family and friends!


Tomorrow is a family wedding.  It’s way out in Lancaster, a hike from here.  Today I will be helping the bride prepare.  This evening I will be cooking dinner for some of the groom’s family who are arriving from Mississippi – I think. 

The Happy Couple

Between the millions of visitors, special projects – (can you help me get a birth certificate?  can you help me put software on my laptop?  can you help me cancel my rewards program?) – I am doing some contract work for a law office.  Seriously. 

Home Sweet Home!!

I am truly enjoying my visit here.  I can’t lie.  I like doing this stuff.  But it would also be a lie if I didn’t admit to being ready to go home.  (Wow – I just called Ankara “home”!!”  Turkey is a funny place.  They don’t really get the concept of “personal space.”  People always ask me what I do alone at home all day.  I will never really admit to what I do.  It’s my little secret.  I can tell you that I like it.  I like it alot.  I like the peace.  I like the freedom.  I even get work done.

Well, it’s about 6:30 a.m. here.  Surely someone will wakeup soon.  I better get back to my morning ritual – coffee outside, no matter the weather.

Go Phillies!

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  1. An appropriate adage seems to be: “Work flows to those who will do it.” Even on vacation, you are engaged with life and willing to work. Another one is: “Home is where the heart is.” But I don’t want to make you sad…

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