Lufthansa – just like the rest!

I used to praise Lufthansa Airlines.  They were always on time.  Clean.  They fed me.  They entertained kids.  The pilot always gave updates of where we were.  It was just an all-around nice flight.

I’m sorry to say that Lufthansa has joined the ranks of USAir in my books.  And that ain’t a good thang.

I’m a seasoned traveler.  I can tell you stories, and stories, and more stories.  I flew as soon as possible after 9/11 – just because I could.  I’ve seen planes repaired with duct tape (not that there is anything wrong with that in my mind.  Duct tape works.)  I’ve seen it all.  But not on Lufthansa.

I have had quite a few trips between Munich and Ankara this year on Lufthansa.  In fact, I’m about take the 9th flight this year.  It’s been quite a disappointment for many reasons.  But the big one just hit.  They haven’t given me one single point!  I am a BIG fan of points.  The thing with these programs is that you have to stick with one.  You can’t have some points here and some there.  It just doesn’t work.  Since Philadelphia is a USAir hub, their program seemed natural.  Of course, if Philly weren’t there hub, there would be no reason in H-E-double toothpicks to fly that airline! 

But anywayzzzzz . . . since Lufthansa and USAir are partners, I can get USAir points when flying Lufthansa.  Or so I thought.  I have bought my Lufthansa ticket on their website, on Expedia’s website, through USAir, and once right at the desk.  (That’s another entirely irritating story.  I bought online the day before the flight for a funeral.  I received a confirmation email.  I got their the next morning and no ticket — with no reason why.  Of course, the new ticket was even more outrageously price than the one I bought the night before.  And after 3 or 4 months of trying to recover the money, I have given up.  There is no good way to contact the “right” person at Lufthansa.)

But back to the story.  8 flights. No points.  Each time I booked, no matter how I booked it, I was givent he option of supplying my reliable USAir membership number for the Lufthansa flight.  And each time, I flew, my flights did not post to my USAir account.

It seems I can mail USAir my flight info in order to recoup the points.  There is a possibility that I even have some of those tickets still.  But if I don’t, good ole Lufthansa will verify my flights for me.  They have a form right on their website.  And it will only cost me $20 per flight.  Sounds like a good deal, right?  Can anyone say, “CLASS ACTION!”???

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