Saying Goodbye to West Chester

Mom & Aubrey
Cherry tree I planted in 1996
My Ride
Flowers in the Yard
The Yard
The Deck
Virginia Avenue
My Favorite Japanese Cutleaf Maple
Sunflower & Bee
Shae's Turtle
I'm a Sucker for Sunrise
Sharpless St.
My New Blankie
Memories of Paulette
St. Agnes
A Praying Mantis Saying Goodbye
Mom & Ava

Me & Allie
Bye Bye!!!

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to West Chester

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  1. Very nice pictorial, some of those pics look awful familiar ;-).
    Sorry I didn’t get to see you. The big question now is will you have turkey for Thanksgiving?
    Hope you have safe travels …

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