How to Cook a Perfect Steak – Videos for Valentine’s Day!

Home-Cooked Steak
Home-Cooked Steak

Most people don’t know how to cook a steak.  Here’s a great video on how to do it in a pan.

How to Cook a Steak in a Pan – Gordon Ramsay

  1. Pan is HOT!
  2. Steak has rested before cooking (not cold)
  3. Only turn steak once on each side
  4. Touch the steak to tell if it’s done.  I particularly love this video, because he shows you how to do this, just like I learned back in the day, cooking at the West Chester Country Club!
  5. Leave it to rest!  This should be 5 minutes before cutting it.

Now that you have learned to cook a steak, why not top it with Bearnaise Sauce?!  What a treat – the master chef, Julia Child!!!

Notes for my Turkish Friends:  When buying a steak, do not buy it pre-cut.  Ask the butcher to slice it fresh for you.  Ask for each slice to be 2.5 cm.  Finally, do NOT let the butcher pound it down for you.  The butcher will look at you like you are nuts – but all foreigners are nuts!


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