UPDATE 7/24/2012 – Sadly, Lemontree closed a couple of months ago.  Thanks to Steve and his crew for the great food and good times!  And good luck with your new gig!

Apparently, there’s another new kid in town, the crepe cafe known as “Lemontree.”  To be fair, owners Steven and Filiz have been around town  a lot longer than me.  But I think I beat their cafe, by at least 6 months or so!

Lemontree is located on a quiet and peaceful Paris Cad., just across from Gate 2 of the U.S. Embassy.  They serve breakfast and lunch, running into an early dinner.  With summer just around the corner – yes, Puxatawney Phil missed his shadow this year, so Spring will be here soon and Summer can’t be far behind – Lemontree may extend its hours.

The menu is killer!  Or as someone put it, “food porn.”  Savory and sweet crepes are served.  Try the Mushroom with Swiss Cheese!  I asked that smoked turkey be added to it.  That’s no problem for a friendly Canadian like Steven.  Looking for something sweet instead?  The homemade lemon curd crepe is to die for! (2.75TL – 6.50TL).

Panini sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and main dishes round out the menu.  In addition, Filiz will let you know the daily specials.  She runs the front and is extremely friendly and helpful.  Yesterday’s special was chili with corn bread.  While I always think my chili is the best, and that no chili is bad chili, Lemontree’s chili is certainly a must do!  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of ground beef in it. Chef Steven also likes to spice it up adding his own  special touches to make it most flavorful!  The word on the street is that his Mexican friends approve, and that’s saying something.  Yum!

Lemontree is also known for its fine coffee, serving illy brand coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte.  Naturally, Turkish Çay and kahve are also available, as is hot chocolate!  Note to the Latte Ladies:  I would add this to your list of hot spots soon!


If you are planning on going for lunch, be there at noon.  At 28 seats, the the quaint and sunny dining area fills up quickly.  But if you aren’t a nooner, no worries.  Once the Embassy lunch  crowd clears out, there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy.  As the weather warms, outside seating will be provided.

Paris Caddesi 34/B
Aşağı Ayrancı, Ankara

Open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Credit Cards are accepted

Alo Paket/Packet Service  312 466 88 11

5 thoughts on “Lemontree

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  1. Your food and the other things you serve has always been the best.I know that you and your wife will do great and be very busy.All the best to both of you.
    Rick Pauls

  2. Thanks for Helping to spread the word about this great cafe. Love the variety on the menu and the new addition of daily specials. Can’t wait for a warm spring day so we can sit outside.

  3. Kreplerinize bayildim.

    Thanks for pointing this place out Terry. You couldn’t meet a more friendly and helpful couple running it either.

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