Mezzaluna (via Eating Ankara)

I ate at Mezza Luna last night, at the Bilkent location. Intstead of creating a restaurant review, I decided to repost from another blog, Eating Ankara. The restaurant was rather throughly reviewed and I have just a few notes to add.

The Bilkent location is not as glamorous as dining in GOP. It’s in a shopping mall. The outside seating is quite nice as it sits below the parking area. But the indoor decor leaves much to be desired.

It should also be made clear that Mezza Luna is a chain restaurant. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to eating at chains. Chains are for when you are caught hungry at the mall and have no where else to go. In Philadelphia, I am totally puzzled by people who would eat at a “Subway” in the land of hoagies!

I also have quite the cultured palate. Good take-out for me meant $50 appetizers delivered to my door from Distrito, one of Jose Garces’ Philadelphia restaurants. Many a happy hour was spent at George Perrier’s Philly establishments. While I may never have made it to San Francisco area’s French Laundry or Brooklyn’s Peter Luger Steakhouse, they were on the shortlist.

So my love for good food has been a bit stumped here in Turkey. Mezza Luna, yes. It’s good chain-restaurant-style Italian. It is not South Philly. It is also way over-priced for this style restaurant. But it is the only way you will get decent Italian here in Ankara.

We tried the ravioli, tortelloni, and a basic mushroom pizza. They were very good. Nothing outstanding, but very good and I was happy to have a nice Italian meal.  Here’s the review from our friends at Eating Ankara:

Mezzaluna Living abroad can be at its most challenging during the holiday season. In addition to the separation from friends and family, the absence of certain culinary comforts often makes the distance from home seem all the farther. Twenty-five percent of me is Italian, and as such my Christmas meals have always been laden with the fare of the old country. Although there isn’t a true replacement in Ankara, I found Mezzaluna to be an acceptable alternativ … Read More

via Eating Ankara

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