Sausages & Shots

Friday night was another gorgous evening for a stroll through the neighborhood.  It also became a lovely date night.  I had received an invitation from the Turkish American Association (TÜRK-AMERİKAN DERNEĞİ) for one of its special events.  It was walking distance so we headed on over.  (Still shopping for a car!)

Lighted Trees Along Cinnah Caddesi

The TAA , with 7 branches, provides both Turkish and English language courses at reasoneable prices.  They sponsor events from art shows, to plays, to social gatherings.  Many branches also have libraries available to the public.


On Friday evening, the TAA  threw a party.  The Sausage and Shots Party was co-sponsored and catered by Greg “The Sausage King” Blood.  Greg is a British chap who runs a catering business in both Bodrum and Ankara.  He makes 54 varieties of sausage.  In Ankara, he does a lot of business with the Embassies.  He also delivers lunches to businesses and schools and caters private parties.  

Greg Blood Keeping His Customers Happy

This was my first event at the TAA and I didn’t know what to expect.  Although I had also received an invitation and flyer from Greg I must admit, they had me at “Sausage.”  I couldn’t read anymore after that.  Mmmmm.  Sausages.  I wondered if Greg ever heard of Scrapple, or as I like to call it, the other grey meat? 

The evening began with a demonstration of making sausages.  Greg and his assistant needed a volunteer for this.  Kathy was involuntarily selected.  She was a good sport and did a fabulous job!   

Kathy Making Sausages


Party Goers Learn to Make Sausage

The demonstration was followed by dinner.  There was a delightful display of numerous types of sausages made from beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, and veal.  Rats!  No pork!  Side dishes included a fresh tomato salad, coleslaw, and a pasta salad.  Naturally, Turkish ekmek (bread) was also available.  

Selection of Sausages

Beer, wine, and cocktails were available for purchase.  Greg also visited tables offering shots.  My new friends and I sampled the British-style Kamikaze.

Friends Enjoying the Evening
Fűsun, Ilknur, Abdullah and Nesrin - speaking Turkish, English and German!

The TAA has lovely facilities.  There was a large banquet room on the second floor.  (That’s the first floor in almost every country other than America.)  Tables were set up for both indoor and outdoor balcony dining.  

Fun on the Balcony (my apologies for not writing down you names!)
India and Friend

The weather was so nice that everyone rushed to the outdoors.  That didn’t cause a problem as there was plenty of room to sit on the side walls when the table seating was full.

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

We had a great time, chatting with Americans, Turks, and Brits while others swayed and  danced to the music.

Fűsun and Ilknur

By the end of the night, I realized I wasn’t the only one on a date. . .

Emre and Damla

 The walk home felt like any other Spring night in Philly.

Şimşek or Bust

To learn more information about the TAA, stop by or call: TÜRK-AMERİKAN DERNEĞİ / TURKISH-AMERICAN ASSOCIATION
Cinnah Caddesi No:20 Kavaklıdere/Ankara
Tel/Phone: (312) 426 26 44 / Website:  


To contact Greg Blood for catering: 

Deli-Licious Outside Catering 

Birlik Mahallesi,  78 Sokak (458), Tokgoz Apt No10/A, Cankaya    
Tel (312) 4960516
Mobile English 0534 6506154 
Mobile Turkish 0533 3428479 



2 thoughts on “Sausages & Shots

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  1. T,

    The food sounds very tempting! I glad your adapting so quickly but that’s nothing new is it?

    Hey, maybe you can introduce Greg to the “other gray meat”…oops no pork ….sorry! So far what is your favorite dish…I know ..I know, but just pick one of the many…8-)

    How is the chocolate there? As C and myself are chocolate freaks we would surely like to know.

    C says “hi and keep up the wonderful work”.

    Talk to ya real soon I hope!

    Allah Ma’ak


  2. I love Greg Blood! He’s a guy I’ve had the good fortune to party with on his visits to Istanbul, as well as eat his foods. Don’t let him fool you, he knows where to get the piggy parts. In fact, I have a great tale of meeting him outside of a dodgy car park in the pouring rain to accept the hand-off of several kilos of pork sausages and British back bacon.
    Next time you see him, tell him Tex in Istanbul says hi!

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