The Return of “Far from the Sticks”

We all have things we used to do and plan to do again someday. For me, blogging is one of them. I used to post 3 to 4 times a week. Then I left Turkey. I had hoped that with the help of friends, I could keep my readers informed of the comings and goings in and around Ankara. But that help never came through. So every once in a blue moon I put something out there.

Today’s “something” is the return of one of my favorite bloggers, Far from the Sticks. Jules left Turkey before I did, about 4 years ago. She just made her first trip back to Turkey, and more specifically, to Ankara! She even made stops at some of my favorite places in Ankara. Click on this link to follow her journeys!

Kuğulu Park (Swan Park), Ankara

Jules and I met through our blogs. Although significantly younger than me, we found we had much in common: Turkish husbands, an affinity for cooking, and an utter intolerance for “fear of the unknown.” We were adventurous! She quickly became my kanka.

Image stolen from Far from the Sticks. This has always been my favorite photo from that blog (and I wish I had thought of it on my wedding gown).

As you have read, I did return to Turkey last year, but I didn’t make it to Ankara. I really hope to soon (if the airlines would just cooperate!) For now, I’m satisfied to live vicariously through Far from the Sticks. I can’t wait to see where my kankacigim leads me!

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