Friends, Death, and Manayunk. I’m baaaaaack.

It’s almost 8 months since I left my home and moved back to the States.  So many times I have had ideas for blogs posts.  Good ones and bad.  Happy and sad.  Angry.  But I didn’t write.

This week an old friend told me he felt like he had lost touch.  Although we really don’t keep in touch, my blog was a window into my world for him, or so I guess.

Today, a new/old friend told me it is the anniversary of her sister’s death.  That news along with a crappy week pushed me to go out and explore my neighborhood this evening.

All these pieces.

I live in a section of the city called “Manayunk.”  Really, not that hard to pronounce.  I mean, it’s not like I am asking you to pronounce “Schuylkill”.  I haven’t been a big fan of the area.  But slowly, I am trying. Now that the warmer weather has set in, I decided to get out there and find things to love – because I know there are some.

Tonight I took a short and direct walk (not up and down hills) to St. John the Baptist Church.  The doors were locked so I couldn’t get in.  But I captured the Church, the schools, the rectory, cemetery and other buildings in photos.

If my memory serves, St. John’s was the last place my sister taught before she left the convent.  This is the sister who died almost 4 years ago while I was at home in Turkey.

The buildings are gorgeous.  And while the Catholic Church may have one hell of a lot of money, don’t be mistaken.  These buildings, and thousands like it, were built by the blood and sweat of its parishioners.

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