Tomorrow – Trump Rally at WCU

As you may recall, last month my friend Frederick at gave me a great opportunity to interview the folks attending the Trump rally at West Chester University.


Well . . .

Below is the video you have all been waiting for!

I particularly loved listening to the young man below and the conversation he had with a Trump supporter.

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow – Trump Rally at WCU

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  1. Scary, scary that some of those kids really think we should build a wall! I honestly scared! I’ve told my parents that I may not come home to visit for 4 years if he gets elected, so guess I better visit before November! 😦

  2. Good stuff, I found it very interesting, although ignorance of one or two of the youngsters shocking, especially when one spoke about civilians killed in bombing raids. Shock and awe was what Bush and Blair boasted would rain down on Iraq and it undoubtedly did poor souls, and look how that turned out.

    The young woman with her husband I found interesting and did not believe a word of what she said, what a piece of work her husband was.

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