A Tree From You . . . A Forest From Us . . .

The Middle East Technical University (METU/ODTÜ) held its Spring 2016 tree planting event today in the ODTÜ forest.  Ten thousand trees were planted in honor of two students, Berkay Baş and Ozancan Akkuş, who we lost in a terrorist attack in March.  The President of METU spoke, as did Ozancan’s father, before the planting.

With these 10,000, the University met its goal of planting 300 thousand trees.  It was a promise the university had made when the local government cut down 3,000 trees during the night a few years ago – a promise to plant 100 times as many.

Berkay at a 2015 tree planting

According to the METU’s website, “Along with ODTÜ members, students of all primary and secondary schools in the region, official institutions in Ankara, foreign missions, non-governmental organizations, the media and all residents of Ankara have been invited to the event.”  Once again, METU showing that its grounds are open to all.

I love this photo:

Ozancan Akkuş

Here are some photos from today’s event:

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Bir Ağaç Sizden
Bir Orman Bizden

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