Baking Mode – Photos

Recently, as I mentioned in this prior post, I’ve been in baking mode.  I have been making American-style sweets, cakes, pies, brownies, etc.  Today’s photos are from some of my recent projects.

“The Elsa Birthday Cake”

This was a double-layer brownie cake.  My brownie recipe is the bomb!  Rich, dark and moist.  The icing was a Swiss Buttercream Meringue.  The edible photos are available from an online vendor.  If I have enough notice, I can order any photo!  They have small ones for cupcakes too.  I’m thinking about buying a printer to make my own edible pictures.

The Jerry Garcia “Peace” Brownies

The Elsa cake was accompanied by miniature brownie cupcakes.  They were sooooo good, that a few days later I baked another version, the Jerry Garcia Peace Brownies.  These bite-sized babies had tie-dyed icing, just like any good Grateful Dead lovin’ fan would.  You gotta feel a little peace after a one of these.

Yesterday, I almost had an order for a Teddy Bear cake.  Sadly, it fell through, but I decided to bake anyway.

The “I Love Pretty Things” Lace Dress Cupcakes Cake

I tried out a new recipe here, a vanilla yogurt cupcake.  I can’t take all of the credit for these, my husband makes the yogurt!  I covered a cardboard liner with a pretty wrapping paper.  Decorated the cakes with Swiss Meringue and pretty shiny edible candies.  This would be perfect for a bridal shower, çay günü, Sweet 16 or a Quinceañera party!  And what fun to make!

The creative juices are just flowing now!  Get it while it’s hot!

Afiyet Olsun!

For more pics and baking menu:  Baking in Ankara

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