Baking in Ankara – Get It Now!

Now that the temperatures have cooled, I am thinking of doing a little baking.  You probably recall how much I loved to cook but hated to bake!  Well, I got over it!  I am now quite adept at baking American style goodies with Turkish products.

“I wanted to thank you for being so considerate to add the note with the cheesecake.  The comments you made and all of the things you considered while making the cake were very thoughtful, and we appreciated it very much.  I’ll definitely be giving you a call again .  . .  the cheesecake was a tremendous . . . And the cherries were absolutely the right choice.  Wow were they good!  I can’t thank you enough.” VG

If you need anything, send me an email.  I will be happy to help out.  In fact, a few months ago, one of my readers in the U.S. requested my help on American chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  I baked them and delivered them to their family here in Ankara.

My selections:

  • Brownies – plain, with nuts, with chocolate or vanilla drizzle
  • Cookies – snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, lemon bars
  • Cakes – Jewish apple, cheesecake, white, chocolate, lemon, angelfood, crumbcake, carrot
  • Pies – fruit pies when in season (pumpkin, apple, blueberry , lemon meringue)
  • Cupcakes – the sky is the limit!
  • Belgian Waffles – Sweet or Savory.  I make them, you warm them up.  Toppings are also available.

If you don’t something you want on the list, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Just ask!  Email me at

“My boyfriend loved them!” JJ

“SNICKERDOODLES . . . my husband . . . almost ate the whole batch so you can imagine the taste . . . Theresa, you made my day.” NK


American style home baked goods focus on flavor!  They are often full of butter. So if you are looking for sugarfree or organic baked goods, you are at the wrong place.  While I make my goodies as pretty as possible, I am not a fan of fondant, so I don’t use it.

“Wow! That’s incredible. I love it :)”  JT

“It looks really nice and exactly what we wanted. Our daughter loves Elsa  . . . We couldn’t resist trying the cupcakes… delicious! . . . a memorable birthday for our daughter.”  KA

“It was delicious!”  LLT

Here are some more photos of my work:

Pickup is preferred but local delivery may be available.  Get you orders in now!  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  St. Patrick’s Day after that.  And I will have lemon and jelly rolls, and egg shaped chocolates for Easter!

Send me an email at or

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  1. I ordered the film themed cupcakes pictured on the blog – Terry found the design especially for me as a present to my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend loved them and it was awesome getting photos from Terry of the decorations as they were made. I highly recommend!

  2. Hi, I just noticed that this post is from 2 years ago!! I wanted to ask if the email is still working cause I wanted to order a birthday cake for my mom.

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