Greetings from Philadelphia . . . a little Independence

Just a few shots from my recent trip to Philadelphia:


Independence Hall – with construction completed in 1753, it is the location where our country’s Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted and signed.


The wings and the main building have been reconstructed or renovated over the years.  But it remains a powerful piece of history.


Hard to see, but you can make out the Liberty Bell.  Originally located at Independence Hall, it moved behind glass doors to Independence Mall in 1976 and is currently housed at Liberty Center, across from Independence Hall.


The Christmas light show at the Wanamaker Building.  In existence since 1956. How lucky was I to stumble across it?  Everyone has their story.  As a kid, my sister Eileen took us on the bus to Philly to see this.


The beginning of the story of the Nutcracker.  Wanamaker’s was the first Philly department store. Macy’s currently resides there.  The Wanamaker’s Grand Depot opened in time to service the public visiting Philadelphia for the American Centennial Exposition of 1876.  Prior to that, the location was a railroad station.



The 2,500-pound bronze eagle in the Grand Court, made by French sculptor August Gaul for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition  at the St. Louis World’s Fair.  It stands in the Grand Court and became the symbol of the store as well as the shoppers’ meeting place.  “Meet You at The Eagle” and everyone knew where to go.  In this shot you can see the kids and families gathering for the light show.

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