Kayaking Kekova

My husband and I joined the great folks from Xanthos Travel for another day on the water, sea kayaking at Kekova.  Our guide, Alkan, was super fit and super knowledgeable.

We met at the office around 7:30 a.m.  Why so early?  Well, they take their “adventures” very seriously down in Kaş.  Water traffic has increased in recent years.  So for safety reasons, the kayaks go out early in the day.

We drove in open air vehicles to the region of Kekova, about 45 minutes.  It was actually a bit chilly in the hills that morning. Upon arrival, we were fitted with life jackets, kayaks and oars.  They asked us about any physical ailments and we signed waivers.  Xanthos set us up with two-man boats.  But they have singles available, so if you are up for that, just ask.

We then gathered for paddling and safety tips.  Alkan showed us how to use our oars.  He told us he would raise his oar when he wanted us to come in close to share the history and other information.  He exlained what to do if we were having trouble and also informed us that a motor boat would be following us.  If we tired, we were to let him know and they would put us in the boat.


Alkan and his crew set up each kayak to fit each adventurer, and then we were off.  The rowing was not too strenuous. It was a very enjoyable day with a nice breeze breaking the blazing sun.  It really didn’t feel too hot. We paddled to Kekova Island and then to Tersane Bay.  We received more information on the Sunken City and paddled over it.  We crossed over to Simena (kale Koy), the ancient village with the ruins of a castle that gives it its name.  There we had time for lunch and a swim.

We paddled back very leisurely to our beginning point, but on the way, we came across a lot of excitement.  Boats, big rocks, and a giant sea turtle!  Watch the video and you will see it swim right up to my kayak!


About Alkan Çalışkan:

Our tour guide, Alkan, was quiet but knew his stuff!  He has been in Kaş for about 23 years.  He has studied the history, but is mostly attracted to the athletic activities.  His knowledge and know-how are evident.  He’s been freelancing for 10 years as a tour guide and can be reached via his website for trekking, mountain biking, and other activities as well.


Xanthos Travel
Ibrahim Serin Sokak No: 5/A
Kas, Turkey
+90 242 836 32 92


  • hat
  • sun glasses
  • sun cream – protection
  • towel
  • swim clothes
  • Sneakers or walking shoes
  • Water – but Xanthos will stop on the way to buy it if you haven’t brought it with you.


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Watch the full kayaking videos and other adventure videos at YouTube.

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  1. . . well past my ‘sell-by date’ for kayaking but know Kekova very well as we often wander down there and chill-out for a few days in the winter when the tourists have melted away.

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