New Beginnings

As I wrote in my last post, things have been very dark for me lately, both literally and figuratively.  Today, I woke up ready to start this year again, for a third time.  I even went to work a half an hour early.  Then things got bad, very bad.

A couple of hours later, I found myself laying on my couch with a headache, eyes swollen red from crying.  I slept, or maybe I didn’t, for about 15 minutes. Then I sat up.

As I looked out my living room window I realized that I hadn’t taken the time today to notice that the sun was shining.  The sun IS shining!

So, here I sit, dreaming of new beginnings.  Of course, I have a little help from a friend.  (Not as good as my other friend, Kavaklidere Altin Kopuk Brut, but she will do!)

Here Comes the Sun
Here Comes the Sun


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  1. Do get yourself a full-spectrum light. They are good for reading and sewing, but best of all, they can chase away depression. They are used extensively in Scandinavia for that very reason, since they have so much darkness in the winter. It is my understanding that they have school children sit under the lights for about 20 minutes every day.

  2. I also noticed sunny hours today and your last post made me realize it and I thought about you. I thank you for that. For a relief, I usually work so hard that I do not have time to think. You may think this is crazy, but it is like playing with serious stuff like they are my toys.

  3. The full spectrum light is not the same as a sun lamp, not at all. It is quite safe and cannot do any harm. I have used them for years, hours at a time, while doing embroidery, etc.

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