HOME AWAY FROM Home Away From home away from . . .

While visiting other countries, here are some things I miss about Ankara:

2010-06-30 19.47.35
Sounds of the Mosques
2011-09-19 16.51.56
The Taxi Call Boxes which never cease to amuse me
2012-12-05 09.34.52
Visiting Street Cats
and Lucky!  Of course.
and Lucky! Of course.
Playing with Friends
and watching new friends grow.
and watching new friends grow.
and more friend.
and more friends.

These are just a few thoughts for the day.  Of course, I miss my family the most.  And Turkish Tea.  I miss tea.  And family.  Yes.  Family. . . and tea.

9 thoughts on “HOME AWAY FROM Home Away From home away from . . .

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  1. I miss you already. We went to Cafe Foule today. I hope you enjoy your stay at home. Say Hi to your family. See you soon.

  2. We had to move back to the States and I’m missing Ankara a lot. As an urbanist, I miss everything I need being arms length away and not having to drive anywhere. I miss having everything delivered as well. Also, miss 4 TL döner sandwiches. Also, not having to worry about yard work.

  3. Hi
    I’ve been offered a teaching job in an Ankara university and am trying to learn more about the city and culture. I’m a little nervous about the area b/c I’ve heard how it is really conservative especially for women. If you have any advice or help that would be awesome. Thanks

  4. Hi Terry! When are you coming back? I miss your posts with your usual insights into life here. Hope you are having a really great time. xx

  5. Hi! I’ve never commented on your posts, or anything, but I just wanted you to know that I’ve been worried crazy about you since the protests in Ankara started. I really hope you’re well. I think we all look forward to an update from you just so we can all breathe easy.
    All the best!!

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