Adventures in Troy

Day 2 of our trip to Çanakkale started with a trip from Bursa to Troy.

Although I had read that Troy wasn’t much to see, I was really looking forward to it.  I tried hard to remember which high school teacher had forced me to read Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey to no avail.  On this day, I was actually going to the land where myths and legends were made, Troia!

Although the giant horse is the attraction for many, and a main figure in Homer’s poetry, the area has been under excavation for many years.  There is a great story of the guy who first discovered Troy.  Apparently, he was an amateur when it came to archaeology.  He did a lot of damage with his excavations and stole a lot too!  But, he did pave the way.  Now, there is much to read and see in the small museum just steps from the Trojan Horse.

You can also walk through the excavation site.  Having viewed many ampitheatres, portions of ancient structures, and piles of rocks in the last couple of years, I wasn’t so excited to make my way through the area under the sweltering sun.  I do have an “archaeology guy” though who comes through for me on these things.  He got some great shots.


It’s funny.  We probably spent less than two hours there, and yet, I felt so accomplished!

Click here to read about Day 1 of our trip to Çanakkale – Bursa and  İnegöl.


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  1. Unless you know what you’re looking at – all 7 layers of civilizations – Troy is a bit confusing! Hey, you’re getting very close to us and Assos!! But we are not there ….

  2. Schliemann was an inspired, persistant but utterly unprincipled rogue who searched for Troy with one object in mind – the looting of the treasure he believed was there. He was right and the famed ‘Gold of Troy’ was looted and disappeared.

  3. Hey T!

    Absolutely fantastic! These pics make my day! I just opened this blog cause once again I was saving it for a rainy day and it is raining here in Sharon Hill, PA, USA today!

    Keep it coming cause we love it and much love for you too! YAY You continue to always fascinate us with your travels.


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