Hey Turkey! Do you know what a cover charge is?

I apologize for not having written lately.  I just haven’t had time.  But I do have a quick question for Turkish restaurant owners . . .

Do you have any idea what a “Cover Charge” is?

I will tell you.  It is typically used to cover live entertainment.  I somewhat get that in tourist locations, restaurants are charging for the review of the sea.  (I also know that this can be negotiated away.)

But in no way is it acceptable, modern, “cool” or good business practice to have a cover charge for nothing!  Butcha at Tepe Prime – a cover charge at lunch time? Shame on you!  Laterna on Tunus Cad. – a cover charge at 6pm, with no music?  Shame on you!

OK, I know it’s only 3TL per person at both of those places.  But please.  You are charging for water and wait service.  That should be a given! (And who knows where that water came from.)

Care to add to my list?

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