Kreativ Blogger Award

Blogging is many things to many people.  For me, it’s an outlet – a way to get things off my chest, to express my thoughts, and to be creative.

Yes, creative!  I have always had a little arsty fartsy side to me.  I like to draw, make things, build, paint, etc.  Truly, nothing has ever come of these little hidden talents.  They are mostly just for me.

But recently, another “virtual friend”, Claudia from A Seasonal Cook in Turkey, nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  What fun!  I admit, the award holds no weight.  But I love being recognized for my Kreativity!

I send a big thank you out to Claudia!  She writes a gorgeous blog – and I do mean GORGEOUS!  The basic platform is recipes – but ooh la la, the ingredients, the charm and wit, the PHOTOS!  Great job Claudia!

I also want to thank Özlem from Ozlem’s Turkish Table. She passed the award to Claudia who passed it to me.  Both are ab-fab blogs if you are looking for Turkish cuisine!

There are a few strings attached in graciously accepting this award.  Here’s the
The Rules of Conduct for the Kreativ Blogger Award:
1.     Thank the blogger who gave me the award and provide a link (as above).
2.     List 7 interesting things about myself that my readers might find interesting.
3.     Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, here are 7 things about me:

 1.  I took drum lessons for 9 years.  Loved the lessons.  Hated to practice.  Be happy that you will never hear me play.
2.  I love to act but rarely was in plays.  I did once play the friend of the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz.  I rode a vacuum cleaner.
3.  I find cooking one of the ultimate art forms.  I love to Kreatively make a meal from whatever I have in the kitchen – which usually isn’t much.
4.  I like to sing too.  I never tell anyone that because my cat, Patches, always walked out of the room when I sang.  Love to squeal some Patsy Cline and Etta James.
5.  Reading was never my thing.  I wish it was.  This is a terrible thing to admit as a lawyer – and has a negative impact on Kreativity.
6.  I love to drive – a stick shift.  I find this another way to express my Kreativity, especially when navigating the streets of Istanbul.  No fear!
7. I think hair is an accessory and I treat it as such.  Talk about letting those Kreativ energies flow!  I was practically shaved my head.  Kept it that way for 2 years.
Drum Roll . . . (I actually am pretty good on the snare drum)
And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .  who do I nominate for the
Kreativ Blogger Award?  It’s so hard to select.  Many that I read often have already been nominated . . . so in some ways I will dig deep.  In other ways, I will just be revisiting some of my old blogger friends whom I have failed to visit in a while.
I do have some criteria:  1 ) Although there are some blogs I love, I won’t nominate those who don’t post regularly;  2)   They have to entertain me or provide useful information in some way.  That’s it, my personal rules.  So here goes:
  • All Things Learning: Tony Gurr writes a nothing less than fabulous educational blog.  Tony is one of my new “virtual friends.”  I picture him as a South Philly “it’s gravy, not sauce” kind of guy.  Of course, I made that up in another Kreativ part of my brain.  Love the blog, Tony!
  • Philly Chit Chat: I met HughE many many years ago.  Hard to admit that since we are both so young.  He was a paralegal with a passion for the Stars – Hollywood that is.  After many years, I watched  as he morphed from someone who could barely use a camera to someone who now graciously accepts the title of paparazzi.  I thank him for keeping me informed of the comings and goings in Philadelphia!
  • Always Well Within: I stumbled across this blog one day and Sandra picked me up.  Always Well Within is about transforming your mind, opening your heart, and embracing the fullness of life. I try to check this one regularly.  Sandra is uplifting and always provides food for thought.
  • Inside Jay Dean’s Brain:  This is another one that I stumbled across and really love.  He provides hours of entertainment.  Really fun if you are wondering what happened to so-and-so from that 1970’s sitcom . . .
  • LegalWriting.Net BlogI don’t read this one as much as I should.  It’s a great way to practice the legal lingo and improve my skills as a Legal English instructor.
  • Foodimentary:  This is not just another recipe blog.  Instead, he celebrates food everyday with fun facts and a history lesson.  Did you know that in 1869 Charles Elmer Hires began selling his root beer in Philadelphia?
And last but not least:
  • Best Day of My Life So Far:  I love this blog!  For one, it comes from a Senior Center in Philadelphia.  It is just a stone’s throw from my old home in the Gayborhood.  Secondly, I love that seniors are getting out there, telling their stories.  But I will admit I am being a little biased here.  My sister is a volunteer at the Center.  She is also a self-described “aspiring senior.”  I have news for you Amy, I know when your birthday is.  you reached your goal, baby!!

Congratulations to all of you!  I hope you will accept the award and participate.  No worries if you don’t.  I am happy to be able to recommend your blogs as truly great reads!

I regret that I could not nominate all of my favorite expat/Turkish blogs.  There are just too many of you that I love!

PS – to those of you who received an early version of this post, I apologize.  I somehow managed to hit the “publish” button before I was halfway finished.  Darn this new laptop!  I will get the hang of it!

13 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

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  1. OK, Congrats again….LOL Where is that book?

    Oh, guess what? Were moving to Costa Rica for good! Bought a seafront (Pacific side) property and building a home. Gonna be laid back for a longtime…………oh wow..I just woke up, it was all a dream…darn….hehehehehe

  2. Congratulations and well done! (Pun intended: My sister and I share your approach to cooking.) Will be checking out some of the other blogs.

    HughE is doing it right — Not becoming older, just becoming more of himself.

  3. Hi Terry,

    Wow, you ARE kreativ! I don’t think I could hold a candle to you for a moment. Although I’ve never shaved my head, the hairs been down to less than an inch so I’m close in that regard! I’m glad you have so much fun with all your different facets of kreativity.

    I’m honored by this award! Thank you so much. It makes me feel good to know that I’ve lifted you up. I feel our connection goes way back in this blogosphere and I like that!

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