Photo of the Day

Having a million siblings means I have about a billion nieces and nephews.

Actually, there’s only 29.  (And almost as many great nieces and nephews.)  The eldest is 44 and the youngest is in the second grade.

Yesterday, the youngest made her First Holy Communion.

Shae’s Big Day – photo courtesy of her mother

What a big girl and a beauty!  Congratulations to you Shae!  Uncle Barış and I are very proud of you!

I can’t help but wonder what her first impressions of the Host were.

I will have to speak with her father about the way she is holding her hands!

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

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  1. Shae looks like a real poppet! What’s the matter with her hands? Do you want them together?? I think this is fine myself. I remember when my girls made their first communion …. in Tokyo!! They went to this fabulous international school, Sacred Heart, in an area called Hiroo, and it was all just lovely.

    1. Wow! Tokyo! That’s a story to tell. Really just kidding about the hands. You know the nuns in my day would have had a fit if our fingers weren’t pointing up towards Heaven. But Shae was at home for this shot. And kids do what they see adults doing . . . Now, the real question is what’s a poppet? Here I go googling again to learn English! LOL.

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