Terry & Baris’ Big Weekend Adventure – Day 2 – Kayaking Kekova

This post is the second in a series about our weekend adventure in Kaş.  The series will include a post on the town of Kaş, this post on sea kayaking, and two on paragliding and hiking along the Lycian Way.  It will end with a post on how to get to Kaş, and information about the company that hosted our weekend, Bougainville Travel, who provides these adventures and others such as sea diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, canyoning, boat tours and more.

I can hear the jokes now . . . The Kaymaks in a kayak?!  {Insert pun}.

Day 2 of our visit to Kaş started with a quick breakfast at our hotel.  By 8:30 a.m., we were gathered by Bougainville Travel to begin our kayaking adventure. The fact that I am not a swimmer, and even though I rowed crew in college, made this a very big deal for me.  It was a fear that I was ready to get over.  My husband, on the other hand, was grinning like a big kid.

It was another beautiful day.  We piled into a minibus and a short trip later, we arrived at Kekova – the area surrounding Kekova Island, on the Mediterranean Sea.  I managed to capture a few fun shots along the way.

Carpet Shop
One of the Locals

Soon we were given our equipment, a quick briefing, and we were on our way!

Bring Out the Boats
Dressing the Part
Ready, Set, Go!

We were a group of 3 doubles and 3 singles.  I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the weather was, how clear and blue the water was, and how much fun we were all having!

BT Tour Leader, Ali
Alison and her son, Jem (That’s a Turkish name with a British spelling!)
Our German Friends – who almost always rowed in sync
– and Caroline – clearly a natural!

BT is all about safety when it comes to Adventure.  A safety boat followed us captained by a darling older gentlemen who showed me how to properly crack an almond.  (Long story).


At some points, Ali would gather the group for a little instruction, or to share stories of the sunken city around Kekova Island.

At a halfway point, we stopped at an island for a break and a swim.

Love the Colors!

At that point, I decided to jump into the safety boat.  I needed to save my energy and I wanted to give the hubby an opportunity to row single.  Ali, an awesome guide, gladly gave up his single and rowed back solo in the double.

Barış Masters the Single

The group enjoyed the rest of the trip, weaving through rocks and taking in the scenery.

Gerry Follows Barış through the Course
Blue on Blue
Tour Boat

We did make one more stop for tea on a porch overlooking the sea.

Spry Old Chap
Tea Break?

Back on the water, we made our way to the dock before being treated to a lunch buffet at a local establishment.

Out-running the Big Boys
One More Shot of Our Friend Jem
A Perfect Day

Lunch was the perfect end to a perfect afternoon.  On the ride back, the group was happy, calm, and tired.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and take a nap.  As we all started to nod off on the warm day, the vehicle suddenly pulled over to the side of the road.  I looked out the window to the lonely country road and noticed a cop car next to us.   The side door to the van swung back and two men popped their heads in.  They said something in Turkish that I didn’t understand.  Then they looked towards the back row, directly at me, and the taller one exclaimed, “Terry!”


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  1. Now that you have our attention with your cliff-hanger ending, please let us know soon what happened. Looked like a beautiful experience until then…

    1. AS I always say Ann, you can spend a couple of grand for a week at the Jersey Shore, or you can actually go somewhere! Kas and Kekova were fabulous and Turkey has lots more to offer! Why not put it on your travel schedule? You know there’s a bed in Ankara waiting for you . . .

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