Photo of the Day

I couldn’t resist taking this photo.  This is the planter in front of my building.  The caretaker does little with our building, but these irises come up every year regardless.  They were about 6″ inches tall before this woman decided to plant her big fat butt in the middle of them!  And don’t feel sorry for her, there is a park 20 yards away, benches in the other direction, a lovely waiting room in the hospital two doors down, and plenty of cafes!


As I was writing this I heard someone scold her.  Here’s what’s left:

The Aftermath

13 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

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  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Being a nurse I can relate to this. There are lots of old women out there who do what they please and drive everyone around them nuts!

    1. LOL Ann! But we have to be careful about calling old ladies old! I just realized I am on the slippery slope towards 50. And I remember when that was old! I have decided to just start driving everyone nuts now, so they won’t be able to tell whether I am old or just crazy in the future!

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