Easter in Ankara

I apologize for the misleading title.  There is no Easter in Ankara this year, at least, not for me.  Naturally, there is little celebration of this Christian holiday in a Muslim country.  This morning, after wishing my cat a Happy Easter, I got out of bed and checked Facebook.

I found photos by “friends” in Turkey who were celebrating the holiday their own way.

This one is from Istanbul.  Joy decorated Easter Eggs!  I think that’s a USA egg in the back.

Photo courtesy of Joy. Check out her blog at http://myturkishjoys.blogspot.com/

Duke is celebrating his first Easter in Cappadocia!  He says the caves look like the tombs where Jesus rose from the dead.  Below is his photo of the Easter baskets he created.  Great job Duke!

Easter Baskets in Cappadocia. Check out Duke's blog at http://www.captivatingcappadocia.com/

Next, I found photos of my family preparing for the big day.  Apparently, my sister’s four children and her grandchildren came together yesterday to deocrate eggs.  Below is a shot of her grandkids.  I guess the three babies were napping and missed the photo op.


And the biggest rabbit of them all, one of my Godsons!

What's up Doc?

I started searching for all of my nieces and nephews.  But I guess it’s still too early.  They are likely still in bed, dreaming of Easter chocolate.  I did find this shot of my niece in her school play about the last days of our Lord.

That's my niece in the blue dress in the middle of the front row.

Next, I checked to see what my friends back home were up to.  A high school friend had some awesome shots of her kids.  And of course, she baked!

Easter Cupcakes

And a former colleague had posted photos from her Slavic heritage! These are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen.  And if she made them, she is in the wrong business!

Slavic Easter Eggs

Finally, some shots I took on my recent visit to Southern Germany:

Bunny with Candles
Rebecca's Bunnies
Bruni's Bunny
Easter is Everywhere
The Easter Tree
Alexandra's Easter Ducks

Rudolf’s Neighbor had the cutest Easter tree:

Waldstrasse Oester Baum

And this last shot from Neusass:

Jesus Died

Although I am spending the holiday alone with my cat, I decided to decorate my table which excites little Lucky, as he sees it all as play things!

Easter in Ankara, 2012

Don’t worry about me.  Being alone never bothers me too much.  And besides, I also did a little chocolate shopping while in Germany.  At one Euro each, I couldn’t resist buying six boxes of Weinbrand Bohnen – dark chocolate filled with brandy (or as we know them in the Henson family, Brandy Candies!)

Happy Easter to Meeeeeeeeee!

Happy Easter to you and yours wherever you are!

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  1. Happy Easter to you Terry! Thanks so much for the shout out. We enjoyed making our Easter eggs here for the first time with our Turkish friends. Hope you enjoyed your yummy chocolates!

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