The Duchess of York

I just can’t comment on this.  Videos can be found by searching YouTube.

Turkey charges Duchess of York over orphan film

Turkish prosecutors have charged the Duchess of York for secretly filming a documentary critical of conditions in Turkish orphanages, the Turkish media

ANKARA– The Anatolia news agency said the duchess, better known as Sarah Ferguson or simply as Fergie, is accused of violating the privacy of five children when she filmed with a hidden camera at an orphanage outside Ankara in 2008.
Britain has already rejected a 2009 request from Ankara for the duchess’s extradition.
A spokesman for the duchess said: “The Duchess of York has fully co-operated with both the Turkish and British authorities at all times on this issue.
“British ministers refused to accede to the further request for legal assistance from Turkey so from a UK perspective we have been told by the Home Office the case is closed.
“We were told the reasons for refusal were that the minister considered that to provide the assistance requested would have been likely to prejudice the sovereignty, security, public order or other essential interests of the United Kingdom.
“The action today reported by the Turkish authorities is news to all.”
A British Foreign Office spokeswoman said it was not government practice to comment on individual judicial processes, although it expected “high legal and judicial standards to be observed.”
“It would be premature and inappropriate to speculate on possible outcomes at this stage,” added the ministry.
Ferguson, who has recently struggled with her personal finances, was caught by undercover News of the World journalist Mazher Mahmoud in 2010 offering access to Prince Andrew for £500,000.
The documentary, screened on Britain’s ITV1 television channel in November 2008, depicts disturbing scenes at the orphanage for handicapped children, including one where a child is seen encased in a wooden box.
Turkish prosecutors are seeking a prison term of between seven and a maximum of more than 22 years. No date has been set for any trial.
Ankara has accused Ferguson of malice and trying to stain Turkey’s reputation as the country tries to gain entry into the European Union.

13 January 2012

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