The Black Sea – Karadeniz

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Black Sea region.  It was amazingly beautiful.  It looked as if someone had set the ocean down right in the middle of Chester County, PA.  We visited Safranbolu on the way to the water in Amasra.  We stopped for breath-taking views of the countryside as we enjoyed a glass of hot tea.  

Restored Ottoman House Currently Hosts a Culinary School
Here Kitty Kitty!
Overlooking Safranbolu
The Local Mosque
Lots of Old Stone Buildings
Shopping in Safranbolu
Stopping for Tea
Anne was Really Loving Life!

We spent the night at a charming hotel in Amasra, Ceylin Otel.  The hotel was right across the street from the water.  Although the rooms were very small, the hotel was immaculate.  It recently opened, the owners were lovely, and breakfast was included in the price.  (50-65TL per person per night.)  On the way home, we stopped in Cakraz for lunch.  

First View of the Black Sea
View from the Ceylin Otel
The Amasra Salad
Me and My Babe!
Anne & Baba
The Sun Sets in Amasra
Overlooking His Kingdom
The Island at Night
A Little Rain Didn't These Two Kids!
Look Closely Now!
The Clouds Were Beautiful
Baris Captures the Big Splash
My Favorite Photo
Hi Hon!

The end of the trip was my favorite part – getting “lost” with the GPS.  If you go there, trust your GPS, but only if you want to avoid the highways.  Apparently it doesn’t recognize the new roads.  Once it literally wanted us to turn right into a big ditch – where no one would find us unless they happened to be walking by and searching the 20′ drop.  But the country roads that took us to rolling hills and green fields, that turned to dirt and gravel, where cows crossed our paths, was like any small farm town U.S.A.  Just gorgeous!

Going Home

3 thoughts on “The Black Sea – Karadeniz

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  1. Hi Terry! Some great photos (‘I Looked Closely’ and think your lens needs needs a dust off! 😉 We were due to be in the area a couple of weeks ago to visit with our Turkish ‘son’ who is Deputy Vali of Karabuk Province but it didn’t work out so we still have all that to look forward to later in the year. Your pics have really whetted our appetite for the trip.
    Best, Alan

    1. Yes, my lens was constantly dirty while I was there. I kept cleaning it. I also have some dirt inside and haven’t found anyone that can clean that for me yet. It was hard to tell in the pic, I should have taken it from behind him, but that guy was wearing a dress!

  2. Terry, I am so jealous. It has been my dream to tour the Black Sea Region. Currently saving all my pennies. The aim is to backpack for a month from Rize to Istanbul. Your photos make me want to go now.

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