Side – Part III

The Theater Description
More About the Theater
Theater Closeup
Morning View
Ruins Piled High
Theater Seating
Carvings Under the Seats
Another View
Waterfalls on the Manavgat River
Waterfalls II
Wish it would Rain

2 thoughts on “Side – Part III

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  1. T,

    Nice pics and full of history. Question, what type of theater was this? Was it barbaric or what?

    Thanks again and keep it coming cause we in Sharon Hill love it!


    1. I’m not sure of all of its uses. It did hold as many as 15,000 people. It was built in 2 a.d. and the ochestra section was added in 3 a.d. At that point, they did have gladiator events. By 5 a.d., it was used for open-air Christian assemblies.

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