Cherry Cobbler from scratch

When I was a kid, I always requested the same cake from Mom, a white box cake, with light blue icing and decorated with cherries.  It wasn't that I liked this cake so much, it was that I thought it looked pretty.  I loved blue and I loved cherries. Eventually I moved on to dark... Continue Reading →

It’s All Fun and Games

Dear Readers, It's been a long time.  You must be wondering if I have forsaken you.  No, I have not.  I have not forgotten you either. The times, they've been a changing.  There were some health issues, some family issues.  These have straightened themselves out for the most part.  Then came major life changes. Most... Continue Reading →

What is a Blog?

During my break, I did a lot of thinking about my blog.  Naturally, as soon as I decided to take a break, I found many things I wanted to write about.  But I realized that I still needed space. This morning, I decided to reinstate my last article.  I had removed it, not because of... Continue Reading →

Pickled Beets & Apple Salad Recipe

A few days ago, I was hungry, wanted something healthy, and I didn't want to go to the grocery store.  I looked in the refrigerator and saw three jars of pickled beets and fruit.  Thinking I should start eating them, I searched the internet for recipes and came upon many recipes for beets with apples.... Continue Reading →

Roasted Red Peppers Recipe

There is nothing that makes a salad pop like adding freshly roasted red peppers.  I just love their smoky flavor.  Once you have tried them, there is no going back!  And they can be used in so many recipes.  Tonight, I am going to add them to my crepes stuffed with creamy mushrooms and swiss... Continue Reading →

Need a Quick Dinner Suggestion?

In Turkey, I find that there is no such thing as a "quick meal" for the most part, unless I am ordering for delivery.  Sure, there's brinner (breakfast for dinner) and there is a small selection of cereals.  But the idea of making a quick sandwich doesn't really exist for me.  The lunch meat selections... Continue Reading →

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