Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts of All-Time

"All time" is a little loose.  I am coming up on my 2-year anniversary of the blog in April.  So today I sat down at took a look at my stats.  There have been almost 53,000 views of my blog since its inception.  Wow.  I know that some of them may include automatic spammers, but most are... Continue Reading →

The Elusive “Kekik”

Oh kekik, how you have eluded me. I started cooking at a very tender age with my Easy Bake Oven, which used a light bulb as it's heating source.  I loved that hoodad!  Sometimes, when I was very lucky, Mom would buy me a boxed mix at the gracoery store, designed especially for my oven. ... Continue Reading →

Holiday in Gumusluk

Just a quick note to keep you updated. Last week we headed out by car seeking another adventure. We made a pit stop in Pamukkale. Absolutely fabulous! I will write more on that later. But you should look it up online when you get a chance. Naturally created travertines formed from the calcium deposits of... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Career?

Before moving to Ankara, I was a Philadelphia lawyer.  While the definition of "Philadelphia lawyer" is sometime good and sometimes bad, I prefer Wikipedia's definition, "Philadelphia Lawyer is a term to describe a lawyer who knows the most detailed and minute points of law or is an exceptionally competent lawyer."  I can't claim that this definition was... Continue Reading →

But Why?

I had an interesting couple of weeks.  I had several conversations with others about languages, about why we are here in Turkey, about why some don’t like it here, about what people miss about home, about religion, and about life and death. All of these conversations boiled down to one thing:  comfort zone. I don’t... Continue Reading →

Anneler Günün kutlu olsun!

I celebrated Mother's Day early this year.  Everything was going well, and then I suffered a major faux pas!  Let me start at the beginning. My husband's grandmother and aunt were visiting from Aksaray.  They had been here a week and were planning to go home yesterday. Late on Friday evening, we received a call... Continue Reading →

Missing Home . . . Ankara

I have been back in the States for almost 2 weeks now.  My "vacation" actually started two days early.  Having received a call that one of my sisters collapsed at work, I flew home immediately.  In almost 2 weeks, my Abla has gone from very grim hopes of survival, to talking and eating, enduring an 11 hour... Continue Reading →

Learning to Speak Turkish . . .

Today, I will attempt to buckle down and really start learning the Turkish language.  I have been in Ankara almost a full year.  So far, I find it pretty easy to get around without knowing the language.  It seems there are many Turks who know a little English.  When I am at a complete standstill, I always... Continue Reading →

Language and Pepin the Short

This morning I signed on to Facebook and found that today is a former teacher's birthday.  I quickly wished him a "dogum günün kutlu olsun," but I wanted to add a quote from Pepin the Short.  I couldn't find one.  You see, Mr. D. was my history teacher in the 9th grade.  He taught "World Cultures" and... Continue Reading →

Press “1” for English

I never really understood why Americans get their shorts all in a bunch when others speak Spanish in the country.   Perhaps it's just arrogance.  Or maybe it's fear.  The United States is one of the "newer" countries in the large scheme of things.  It was built (after a bit of theft) by a multitude of nationalities, races,... Continue Reading →

Cep Telefonu

Cell phones have become amazingly popular around the world.  Like an American Express card, we don't leave home without them.  I remember the days when I felt naked if I left home without a pair of earrings.  Imagine, an entire day without heavy metals and stones dangling from my lobes.  It was unbearable!  Now it's... Continue Reading →

What I Meant to Say Was . . .

So even though I don't know much of the Turkish language yet, I did learn a couple of things that I shouldn't say or do. First, Americans have a bad habit of saying "um".  We do it all the time.  A similar sound, "om", is used by people when meditating.  In Turkey, "um", spelled "am", has a... Continue Reading →

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