Holiday in Gumusluk

Just a quick note to keep you updated.

Last week we headed out by car seeking another adventure. We made a pit stop in Pamukkale. Absolutely fabulous! I will write more on that later. But you should look it up online when you get a chance. Naturally created travertines formed from the calcium deposits of flowing springs. And Roman archaeological ruins that were just amazing!

Now we are in Gűműşlűk, or just outside of it, on the Bodrum Peninsula. We have rented a house from a British acquaintance in Ankara. The area is loaded with Brits – which provides some interesting learning experiences.

First, the obvious. Brits go on holiday. Americans celebrate holidays, but we go on vacations. Brits eat fish and chips, burgers and chips, and lots of other things with chips. Americans eat french fries. And we don’t care what the French think about that!

And now, some new things. First, the directions we received from the owner caused some concern. Turn right at the “pergodas” in front of a restaurant. Since I don’t have internet access here at the house and have to travel to a café for it, I haven’t taken the time to look up that word. But I’m thinking it must be a British thing.

Second, I read some of the rules and information that our lovely host left behind. Afterwards, I walked around for days looking for a “brolley” hidden under a bed or in a corner. Having no idea what a brolley was, this was quite difficult. Finally, after an email exchange in which I let the owner know that the deck umbrella was not working properly, I was enlightened. Her response was that she would take care of the “brolley” when she visits. Aha!! Brolley = umbrella.

I find myself amused by the differences in British English versus American English. And I when confronted with a menu, my husband and I often just stare at each other in bewilderment.

Anywayzzzz – life is good in Gűműşluk. We wake when we want to. Go for a bike ride, a run, or a swim. No one is in the pool before noon – so you can imagine what my choice is (even though I cannot swim!) Then we enjoy a late breakfast on the deck, followed by a nap. Next we go on adventure. Some days it’s down to the sea. Yesterday it was the local vegetable bazaar followed by the sea.

In the evenings we share a home cooked meal loaded with fresh veggies. We eat dinner on the deck, play backgammon, look at the day’s photos, and maybe catch an old tv show or movie on the laptop.

In the lineup is a day in Bodrum to visit the archaeological ruins and the sea. A day trip to Ephesus for the same. (Ephesus boasts the final resting place of the virgin Mary, among other things.) Perhaps a day on a boat.

The most lovely thing about Gűműşluk is that it has retained its village feel – no gas stations, no McDonalds, not much of anything. White houses litter the hillsides heading down to the water. The “downtown” is very simple, and hidden on back unpaved roads.

The other thing I love is the breeze. Yeah, the Southern Aegean is a hot area. But in Gűműşluk we have lovely breezes that can come at any time of day.

Well, my morning coffee is done. And so am I. More later . . .

Update on Gas Stations:  I have noticed that some of my readers found me accidentally while googling the terms “Gumusluk gas station.”  As an fyi, there are none.  The closest is in Turgutreis as far as I know.  Follow the signs to Turgutreis.  You will know when enter the town because there will be a big “Total” gas station on your left.

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