Getting Through Mixed Emotions

It is almost three months since my sister Eileen left us.  It's a strange time. Family and close friends remember what you are still going through, but most forget.  This is normal. You may remember that I had gone through quite a bit during the months before and after her death.  When I think back... Continue Reading →

here’s what happened

When one becomes a blogger, we often write personal things that others would not share.  In my case, I crossed over from getting my emotions out via keeping a journal and writing poems, to putting myself out there publicly.  Lately, I have written posts that have caused concern to many.  I was still withholding many... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

As I wrote in my last post, things have been very dark for me lately, both literally and figuratively.  Today, I woke up ready to start this year again, for a third time.  I even went to work a half an hour early.  Then things got bad, very bad. A couple of hours later, I... Continue Reading →

Number 13

"How many kids are in your family?"  "We have twelve siblings."  "What number are you?"  "I'm number 13." I can't count the number of times I have had this exact conversation.  I am the thirteenth child in my family and I was born on the 13th.  I am Lucky 13. My sister Jacqueline died before... Continue Reading →

Racism Running Rampant — Still

In the news in Turkey is the Deputy Prime Minister Beşir Atalay with his anti-Semitic public comments. I have lived here over three years now.  I don't usually get into the depth of conversations, for lack of Turkish skills, that would make me aware of racism here.  Unfortunately, I do have one "friend" who in the... Continue Reading →

Introducing . . .

Elizabeth Nursel!  Welcome to the world my little one! This is truly crossing cultures! We wish this precious little one and her parents all the best!      

Taking a Break

Yesterday, a suicide bomber attacked the American Embassy in Ankara. He killed one of his own people, a Turkish citizen who worked as a guard. What the fuck?!  The man simply went to work one day and died because of some a-hole's radical political views.  The man lost his life, because he needed to feed... Continue Reading →

The Colors of the Rainbow

From time to time I am asked what I miss the most from the States.  Today, I realized I miss the colors of the rainbow. Turkey is chock full of Turks.  They come in varying colors, dark skin and dark hair, blonde hair and light skin.  I've even met some red heads. But it's just... Continue Reading →

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