When Ayranci Came to Manayunk

Yeah, I like that title too.

It seems like I start all of my posts these days with, “I haven’t written in a long time.” From now on, and until otherwise notified, let’s take it as a gimme that I won’t write unless I’m moved – when I really have something to say.

So, we all knew that there are Turks in Philly. And I think you knew a bit about Manayunk. Perhaps there will be more on that later. You might have known that I had American neighbors here that used to live in Ankara. And I know that from time to time, I have even heard the Turkish accent in Manayunk. But today …

Today was different. Thanks to online social media I made a friend today. I made a Turkish friend today. But not only that, we both have links to Simsek Sokak in Asagi Ayranci. Thems my stompin’ grounds.  That’s where I laid my hat.

Well, I don’t feel the need to share all of the details. Those of you who know me or have followed the blog through the years know that I am tickled pink.

Memories of the Neighborhood

Do you remember my post back in 2010 – my second post – and first on Ayranci?  Here’s a link to it “What is Asagi Ayranci?”

If you are wondering what it looks like when Ayranci meets Manayunk, it’s some like this:

Of course!

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