Should’ve Would’ve Could’ve . . . So Long

Dear Friends,

The day has finally come, my last full day in Turkey.  I know, I know.  I should’ve told you sooner.  In fact, there are a lot of things I wish I would’ve done, I could’ve done.

But I didn’t.  These last few months have been trying, nay, extremely difficult.  I had bright moments, visits with friends.  But other than those precious nuggets, it’s been pure hell.



As if packing and shipping a full container of household items, selling cars, and selling other stuff wasn’t hard enough, we had to deal with a lot of emotional stress.  ALOT.


I was treated very poorly and unfortunately, I responded in kind.  With every day came another battle.  I was constantly explaining myself.  I found myself in arguments over nothing.  My entire being screamed both literally and figuratively in pain and anger on a daily basis. That left me no time to take care of myself, to eat at my favorite restaurants, to visit my favorite places, or to enjoy my final moments.  It gave me no time to properly say goodbye to Turkey.


The first few weeks back home will be difficult.  But at least the election will be over shortly.  Hopefully, I won’t have to live in Trump land.  But even if I do, I will have time to get my work done, to get a hair cut, to relax and reflect.

I wish you all the best.  I thank you for your years of reading my constant babble.  I hope that you found some useful information hidden in here.  I also hope to continue writing of my escapades, and to find volunteers to be guest bloggers and write about Ankara and Turkey for you.


Please don’t send me condolences.  It’s been a period I would rather forget.  Time will heal.  If anything good came out of the past few times, it is that these trials made it easier to leave.

A very special goodbye to some of my best friends here:  Jules (who left before me) & Bulent; my brother Steve, Beyza, & Elizabeth; Canan; Esra & family; Ferda; Derya, Ege & Family; Sibel, Kemal & family; Ipek, Dilek and all of the ODTU crew and their families; and Birten (sorry we didn’t have more time).  So many of you took the time to get to know me to be truly be my friend.  And there were so many more who I had great experiences with throughout the years – students, friends of friends, fellow bloggers, readers, neighbors, expats, etc. – there are just too many to name here.  I wish you all a fond farewell. There will always be a place for you in my heart, and a place for you in my home.

Gone but not forgotten.  What just happened here?

So long,
Turkish Terry



12 thoughts on “Should’ve Would’ve Could’ve . . . So Long

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  1. Oh no, you’re leaving… I wish you all the best and hope you keep blogging. Don’t forget please that you have Turkish followers here who would love to read whatever you write about the places you live. For example, Philadelphia fans like me! All the best! I would love to say “come back if Trump wins”, but you know the situation here 🙂 Güleriz ağlanacak halimize. Take care…

  2. Terry… are in to a new life…a new adventure…….and new challenges. Give yourself a breathing slot, remember the love, and enjoy looking to the future. It’s not easy….I’ve done it……and still yearn to return……but there have been other joys……you’ll have them too…..just keep writing….we want to hear from you, and laugh along with you, hug, jay

  3. Hi, Terry. We left Turkey in May, before the coup attempt. I had felt for some time that things just weren’t right. I also felt hostility building, where before there had been friendly faces. I had to work hard to get my husband to leave Turkey, but I just could no longer stay there. Hope your return is uneventful and that you life continues to be happy.

  4. Hi Terry – we also moved back to DC in May… after I was standing across the street from the Ankara bomb blast we decided to finally leave. Now that I’ve settled back in DC, I’m thinking of all the wonderful times in Ankara/Turkey, but also sadness as to what it has become. I pray for stability in the region and I am happy to leave when I did as to not taint my memories of a beautiful country. -Shana

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