How to get treated like Sultans in a Turkish Bath || Turkey Tour Organizer

Are you looking to pamper yourself during these cold and dreary winter months?  Here’s a great suggestion.

I often get requests for information about visiting a “hamam.”  A hamam is a traditional Turkish Bath.  They vary according to place; some are geared towards tourists and are more pricey; but most are traditional and a reasonable rate.  Those are the ones I would suggest.

If you would like more information on what to expect and what to bring with you, check out this great blog post from the Turkey Tour Organizer website!

” . . . it may look like a challenging experience since you are basically getting naked in between people you don’t know. There is also a person washing, massaging and cleaning you during your stay and it feels different than the spa you are used to back home may be because of the language barrier. But when you start enjoying the place, you don’t really mind a big bearded guy giving strict orders like ‘Go’ or ‘Come’. . .”

Source: How to get treated like Sultans in a Turkish Bath || Turkey Tour Organizer

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As an FYI – there are no “big bearded” guys washing the female guests!  I would add one additional piece of information, Turkish women are short.  If you are a tall woman, or a larger lady, the wrap they provide may be too small.  I suggest bringing your own, or a 2-piece bathing suit or a change of undergarments.  While many wear just the wrap, it’s not unusual to be in a bathing suit or your underwear.

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  1. I do love a Turkish Bath … but like B2B .. it’s a bit of a luxury now a days .. but I look forward to people coming over to visit us in Bodrum, as an excuse to go for another rub-down!

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