Beyond words: from Back to Bodrum

Özgecan.  Words can not express what Turkish women, expat women in Turkey, and frankly, women around the world are feeling.  A young woman takes a small bus.  Something she did on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, she was the last passenger on the bus.  She was raped by the driver who then stabbed her to death when she fought back.  He was assisted by two others in burning and hiding her remains.

I haven’t had the courage to write about it.  About women’s rights.  About the people of Mersin and Turkey.  About the reaction of the Mersin Bar Association.   About the death penalty.  About women everywhere.

Please read Back to Bodrum’s blog below.  She also links to Janey in Mersin’s blog post on it.  Janey wrote a heartfelt beautiful letter.

Mersin is where it all happened.

Click this link to read both blog posts:  BacktoBodrum: Beyond words.

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