Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

You see it all the time, in magazines, newspapers and blogs – the Top 5 list of this or that.  It’s all the craze, not to mention a great way to capture someone’s attention.

Working on that theme and the fact that AIA in coming to the end of its fifth year, I decided to welcome my new readers by publishing this list about me.  It’s a list of things most of my current readers may not know about me.

1- Jack of All Trades – I am a lawyer and a blogger.  But in the U.S., most people have held numerous jobs.  Unlike in Turkey where it’s not so common, we also usually work to put ourselves through university.  So I have also worked as a business development and marketing manager, an English teacher,editor, math tutor, speaker, and voice over artist, a receptionist, a cook, waitress, and bartender, and in sales – both retail and wholesale, sold programs at college basketball games, and more. My first job was delivering newspapers on foot and by bike in around the 5th grade.  Just call me “Jack.


2- Athlete –  I love most sports.  I played basketball, softball, and ran cross country and track.  I was also the quarterback of a flag football team in University, yet to this day, I know very little about football. Unknown to most, I also rowed crew in University.  Loved it!


3- Volunteer – I was an extremely shy child.  I cried and hid whenever we had a visitor.  At some point, I almost moved to the opposite extreme, wearing my life on my sleeve.  In school, I served on Student Council and was in the National Honor Society.  I was the captain of the Mathletes and on the Dance and Liturgy Committees.  I was even in a TV commercial for the United Way.  Since then I have been a Big Sister (Big Brothers Big Sisters of America) and volunteered for numerous organizations.

liturgy committee

4 – Musician – I took drum lessons for 9 years.  I rarely practiced because I was embarrassed to have anyone hear me play.  I participated in the schools’ concert bands, drum ensembles, and played in orchestras for my high school’s yearly theater productions.  In fact, I still own my first snare drum and a pair of maracas.  I also still love all things percussion, rum-a-tum-tum.


5- Fearless –  I usually don’t see protecting myself as a problem.  Looking at the photos below you will understand why.  I am not afraid – of anyone.  Things are a different story.  I am afraid of the likes of the boogie man and water.



Bonus – Living in Turkey has been a huge eye-opener and wonderful experience.  Living in America is easy.  There, I always tried to think outside of the box.  But being here has pushed me to live outside of the box!  I highly recommend the expat life to everyone – at least for a little while.

I’m not afraid to put this out there.  There’s really nothing anyone can do with this information, especially since it only a list of five.  If it were a list of 10, I would have had to divulge my big secrets!

Happy New Year and Welcome to Adventures In Ankara!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Me

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  1. Sounds like an interesting and well-rounded individual to me. I’m the Jack of no trades, I’m ashamed to say. I always wanted to learn to play the drums. The only good thing my rather camp music teacher could say about me was that I had a great sense of rhythm. Little good it’s done me 😉

  2. I did a twenty things on a challenge from a college classmate. Who else do you know who won an award from the Newcomen Society for the History of Technology for a research paper about the tomato?

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