Update on the ALS Bucket Challenge

I am sure you all remember the “hype” a couple of months ago.  Everyone was taking the ALS Bucket Challenge.  I did it myself . . . sans bucket.

Sadly, and as always, people had negative things to say about it – mostly because not everyone was donating cash for the cause.  But the naysayers were quickly silenced because one of the biggest goals of the challenge was to raise awareness.

And that we did.  I took the challenge myself for Team Audry, a high school friend.  I am proud to share her Facebook update with you, in case you also donated to her Team:

Hi everyone!!! Just wanted to give a shout out to Team Audry!!! With all of your generous donations Team Audry raised over $10,500 for The Ocean City Walk To Defeat ALS!!! I love you all So proud to know each and every one of you! Great job!

Whether or not you took the challenge, donated to Team Audry (it’ not too late) or ALS, or simply shared my blog post, I want to Thank You.  We are making a difference!

Team Audry, Ocean City Walk to Defeat ALS
Team Audry, Ocean City Walk to Defeat ALS

We love you too, Audry!!!

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