Antik Pazari – Asagi Ayranci

Ankara boasts a rather large antique bazaar.  It travels around the city and lands in my neighborhood, Asagi Ayranci, on the first Sunday of every month. I mentioned it briefly in an earlier post, “Junking,” where I claimed it’s “not that big.”  Well, I am not sure if my perception has changed or the pazar has grown.  But I can tell you that it was really enjoyable today.

I have been to the pazar many times, but today was the first time that I felt moved to take photos. (I wish I had pulled out a better camera instead of simply using the phone.)  My photos aren’t great and aren’t many.  But I have an excuse!

Today, rather than taking photos, I was drawn into it all.  I checked out the LPs in case there was something my nephew Rob would like.  I decided he would like a lot of them, so I moved on.  Sorry Rob.

I checked out the old furniture, the sewing machines, and the record players.  I flipped through the books.  I tried out some of the old, heavy tools.  I amused myself with old toys, instruments, and empty metal boxes.

Today, the antik pazari was just bangin’!  It’s one of my favorite places in Ankara.  My husband bought me a small gift, a piece of raw amethyst I had my eye on.  And I found a great birthday gift for my sister Pat.

Patti has a big one coming up in October!  I recently asked her if I could bring her anything from Turkey.  Well, I expected her to say, “No.  That’s okay.  I’m just glad you are coming.”  But she surprised me instead.  She sent me a short list of suggestions!  All were great, easy to carry, not tooooo pricey . . . but couldn’t be found at the pazar today.  Hahahaha.  I wonder is she can pick out her gift from these photos . . .

If you are going:

  • 1st Sunday of every month
  • Dikmen Cad. and Elçi Sok.
  • Bring cash!

7 thoughts on “Antik Pazari – Asagi Ayranci

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  1. Actually there is a small organic food pazar every sunday in there.. 1st of every month organic and antik pazar are taking place together..just for information…

    1. Yes, that is true. I am not impressed at all by the organic market though. But to be fair, before I write about it I want to visit in the morning. I usually am there in late afternoon. The vegetables I see there look just terrible.

  2. Hi, are you still in Ankara? And is the market still there?
    I find wandering through old flea markets fascinating and am in Ankara for a while.

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