6 thoughts on “Photo of the day

  1. . . impossible to say what they are without a closer shot. Could be that they have sprayed the sections in the same way that they colour spray day-old chicks in the market.

  2. I will have to go back. The ground definitely was not sprayed. But the blue and the flourescent green/yellow were so odd to me . . . I thought I would pass by on my way home, but alas, my arthritis required I bus it back to the hood.

  3. I’ve not seen heather in any of those colors.

    On Fri, Nov 30, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Adventures in Ankara wrote:

    > ** > Adventures In Ankara posted: “On my walk to Kizilay I came across these > plants. They look like heather but in many vibrant colors. Unfortunately, I > didn’t get a closeup. Any idea of what it is? Does heather come in so > many colors? “

  4. I think its painted or tinted Terry. the colors are too perfect We do get heather that is stem-dyed, but they do that after it is cut

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