This Man Will Walk 1305 Miles Across Turkey | Turkish Travel Blog

This is a must read story of an American man who is about to set off across Turkey – on foot!

 I really wanted to tell them about how people are just the same. Living in Turkey had reminded me of this but human nature forces us to focus on the differences. It makes us more afraid of each other than we need to be.

I do not want to talk about this theory and not back it up with proof. If the similarities are so profound, I should be able to walk, alone and unprotected, across the country.

Read more about it here: This Man Will Walk 1305 Miles Across Turkey | Turkish Travel Blog.

Adventures in Ankara wishes Matt the best!  And thanks to Turkish Travel Blog for sharing the story.

Photo Courtesy of Turkish Travel Blog

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    1. Thanks Matt and best of luck to you! If you are detoured to Ankara, please give a shout out. I have told several folks about you and they all come up with the same question, how will you deal with the weather as you approach Van? Would you care to explore that? I would be happy to put something on my blog about it.

      1. Hi Terry, I will write up a short guest post on that question (it is a good and very specific question — I have heard it before, but it has never been the first, nor second nor third, question people ask. I’ll write it up and send it over to you before I head to Kusadasi, so within the next two days. Then you can publish it whenever you like.

    1. That will be great Matt! Thanks!
      I read your piece on being dismissive. I completely agree for the most part. In fact, you don’t even need to walk out of your home to encounter danger. Have to say though, I am glad you are not doing it in Iran. I don’t think 3 out of 1000 travelers is a valid stat. 1000 is not many. And things seem to change quickly there, in a matter of days. Most travelers to Iran aren’t hiking and crossing borders. Turkey is the perfect place for your travels! Can’t wait to read about it.

  1. yeah nice article to read but i could not understand how to travel between them. in combination with ankara what to do at gezerek-aydin-laniyorum i planned my plan… xie xie ni 🙂

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