You make the call

My wallet was stolen last November.  What a hassle that was.  You can read more about it here.

Six of Ankara’s finest arrived on the scene.

They spent a couple of hours questioning me at the location, preventing me from calling my credit card companies immediately.

They never questioned any of the neighbors who came out to the stairs when they heard screaming as he hit my friend.  No matter that he ran right past them on the stairs.

When my husband suggested that they go to the corner and ask for the film from the cameras at the gas station, they replied that “he probably went the other way.”

We spent another 4 hours that evening going back and forth between 2 police stations.  Identification of the perp and finger printing could only be done at the main branch.

When my friend gave what she thought was a 99% identification from a photo lineup, we were told there was a mistake.  He was actually a victim.  It didn’t matter that he was holding a sign with his name in front of him, just like the other perps.

My handbag was returned months later.  There was never any report of whether they were able to get fingerprints from it, much less match them.  It was, however, covered in black ink and the leather had been wrinkled from the folding of the purse to fit in a small bag.

Today, I received a letter.  It says that they received word in March that the alleged perp was incarcerated at the time.  That was March.  This is July.  It happened in November.  Shouldn’t their computer systems have been able to inform them of that long ago?

There are so many thoughts running through my head right now, I can’t even decide what question to ask you.  You can make the call on that too!

Keep smiling.  Keep laughing.  Stay sane.  That’s my motto.

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  1. I wouldn’t even bother asking a policeman here what time it was, I doubt they’d be able to help.

  2. . . where on earth did you get the idea that police are there to solve/prevent crimes? They are there to keep the plebs and peons under control – same the world over!

    1. You are right Alan! But I had captured the perp, my friend held him and lost him when he punched her! We later identified him. (No, I don’t believe he was released from prison just days after the incident). I did expect them to go over to his listed address that night. We were told “he probably isn’t there.” I expected minimum and got less than that! Silly me!

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