Life in the Fast Lane

Did you ever have one of those days where everything seems to fly by but nothing really happens?  That’s what I am experiencing right now, day after day.

I’ve been back visiting Mom.  She of course had a few things she wanted my help with.  “No problem!”  I wrote them down so I wouldn’t forget.

Then there were a few more things that I noticed she needed done.  I added them to the list.

Of course, I had a few things of my own so I added them too!

And then there was my regularly scheduled online work to do, and a week of house and dog sitting, and an 8-hour day of continuing legal education classes.

To be honest, when I visit Mom, I don’t consider it vacation.  That always makes her feel badly and I spend time trying to convince her that it’s what I want.  It truly is.  I like helping her finish projects.

Now time is running out and I sit here with a list of projects that looks like I am about to do a month’s worth of grocery shopping!  Unfortunately, there are only a few items crossed off, so I have to leave you now.  Time to install a small fence, do some planting, water the garden, and start cleaning out the basement!  Thank goodness my brother stepped up and parged the basement wall!  Now I only have to paint it!

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  1. Terry – and here’s me thunking the post was going to be something about how “great” it is to use Ankara roads when summer arrives (hardly any traffic – so good) 😉

    Hey, you have a great “break” with the family – make sure you find the time 😉


    1. Thanks Tony!

      And can you believe, I was actually complaining about a bus here the other day. It switched lanes without signaling! My husband laughed at me and told me he thought he was in heaven!

    1. Are you kidding Alan? I’m thinking of leaving the paint for the wall at his front door! Glad he got the work done before the house came tumbling down! Now, if only I could get him to scrape the million year old wallpaper in the bedroom, sand, and paint those walls!

  2. It’s funny, but all the times we returned to London to visit family also didn’t feel like a holiday. And living in Turkey didn’t feel like a holiday either. Now we’re back, we’ll have to rectify this asap!

  3. Hi. I have been enjoying your lovely blog for a while now, but have never left any reply before. I must have been a bit shy:)
    I can relate so much to what you are saying. I’m Turkish, living and working as a social worker in London. And every time I visit my family in Istanbul I get drained to the degree that when I return home to London I need another holiday! Especially dealing with my dad’s and brother’s cluttered home (they are both borderline hoarders!) and obligatory visits to friends and family members are burning me out.
    Like you, I’m a queen of ‘lists’ which help keep me sane up to a point. To cross the tasks on the list is absolute bliss!
    Best of luck with all your jobs on your list and I hope and wish that you’ll have some time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

    1. Hi Hulya and thanks for reading the blog! I am glad you overcame your shyness of commenting. I always love to get new followers! I think we should both put “vacation” on our “to do” list and cross it off soon! Have a great summer!

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