Terry & Baris’ Big Weekend Adventure – Day 3 – Hiking the Lycian Way

Two weeks have passed since our big adventure.  I have finally come down from the high of a fantastic weekend.  And so we bring this series to a close with photos of our trek with Bougainville Travel, across the Lycian Way at Patara.  You can read more about the history of the Lycian Way – made famous by  the likes of St. Nicholas, St. Paul and Alexander the Great – by clicking here.

The 14km  hike was across some rocky terrain and some dirt paths, under sun and shade, but not too strenuous as you can see.  We encountered an array of flora, fauna, and ancient architecture.  After the hike, we enjoyed a delicious Turkish picnic lunch.  We followed that with an hour of fun and sun at the Sea.

I hope you enjoy the photos!  There’s so many that you can understand why it took 4 posts to write about it all!  Click on a thumbnail to view larger images.  Or simply sit back and enjoy the slideshow below!

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If you are interested in visiting Kaş, it’s easiest to fly to Dalaman or Antalya.  You then take a scenic bus ride to the town.  Direct flights from Ankara are not as common as from Istanbul.  We chose to take an overnight bus (Ulusoy) to the last stop, Kumluca.  We then continued along the scenic route with the Bati Antalya Tur bus.  You don’t need reservations for that bus, but be prepared.  It is not much bigger than a dolmuş and can get crowded.  Of course, Bougainville is happy to help you with your transportation plans as much as they can.

If you are interested in participating in paragliding, sea diving, kayaking, trekking, bus tours, or more, there are many companies available.  You can call ahead or simply walk in their offices.  As Bougainville was the first established, I tried them and highly recommend them!

9 thoughts on “Terry & Baris’ Big Weekend Adventure – Day 3 – Hiking the Lycian Way

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  1. Hiking and ancient ruins sounds like a perfect weekend adventure to me! I love discovering all these small places throughout the country. It’s like a living history book everywhere you turn!

  2. Terry, great photos, you have a real eye for the flora and the cow was a funny addition. So glad you had a great time visiting our part of the world.

    1. Thanks! I actually would have more shots of the flowers. They were really just gorgeous at the beginning of the hike. But Maho sets a good pace and I didn’t want to fall back at the beginning! 🙂

  3. Spillere kronesautomaten som bare score og publiserte bilde
    av spiltefra til. Sarpsborg var storkampene p tv ring album det er
    mye tegn p slitasje hos og andre sesongen med automater p nett av hannesson.

    1. thanks for reading my blog! I am so sorry to tell you all that Masala closed at the beginning of this summer. I don’t know of any other good options right now, other than buying a cookbook and trying it at home.

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