In the Land of . . .

. . . Snow!

Ankara is not historically known for big snowfalls.  Apparently, that is changing now that I am here.  Last year, I flew back to the States in March.  I day or two before the flight, we were hit with 16 inches.  (That’s 2.5 cm per inch).

This year, the snow just won’t stop.  There was a span where it snowed at least 9 days out of 11.  It’s snowed pretty much once, twice or three times a week since then.

The problem with snow in Ankara is that most roads are not plowed.  The city’s terrain is similar to San Franciso – lots of hills.  And on top of that, it is rare that anyone shovels a sidewalk.

Picture this.  Snow covered roads.  Pedestrians forced to walk in the streets.   Cars heading in the wrong directions to avoid hills.

Let me make it easier for you to picture.  A friend just came aross this video taken in GOP, a more well-to-do neighborhood, minutes from my home.

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  1. wow, haven’t they ever heard of snow chains?! every time I’ve been to Ankara in the winter, it’s always been feet deep in snow … you’d think they’d have learned by now!!

    1. Hi Victoria! I believe snow chains are required by law. We have them in our trunk and I would have no idea how to put them on if I needed to. The problem is, the snow in the roads melts quickly and chains are bad for the roads!

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