Mystery of the Traveling Tupperware

Have you ever stopped and wondered where your things have been or where they have gone?

Many years ago, I stumbled upon an antiuque chest of drawers with mirror attached.  I believed it was from the 1920’s.  I had to have that chest.  I saw it at a one-day flea market, and I returned to the dealer several times that day, haggling over the price.  Just before closing, I was the proud owner of that dresser.  The dealer never budged.  I paid cash.

My Victorian Chest of Drawers

For years I would spend hours admiring that dresser, staring into the mirror and wondering who had peered into it before me.  What did she look like?  Was she wearing a long gown?  Donning a fancy hat with a feather?

And of course, there are times when we lend someone an item, like a suitcase.  Our suitcases often travel the world without us.  And they return with stickers posting where they have been.  Sometimes we dream about those places.  Was it sunny and warm?  What were the people like there?  What did our suitcases see that we didn’t?

Old Reliable

Lately my thoughts have turned to where have my things gone?!  It seems something is always missing.  For those Americans who love kitcheny items, we always have the same question, “Where did my Tupperware go?  Although we save cheap plastic containers to send our guests home with leftovers, more often than not, we forget about those we saved and instead, send our friends and family home with food that costs no where as much as the Tupperware container that we put it in.

and that ain't all!

Ah, Tupperware.  The King of food storage.  It edges out Rubbermaid by a nose and no other brands even come close!

Through the years, I have learned to be very possessive of those containers.  They don’t leave my home.  No way.  Unless, unless, my husband happens to send them home with someone.  Hmmmmm.

I came across one such container this weekend.  In fact, I hadn’t even realized it was missing yet.  To be honest.  It wasn’t mine to begin with.  When I first met my husband, he had two roommates.  It is very likely that this container originated with one of their mothers.  Both moved out.  Two more moved in.  Then one left and I took his place.

When we eventually bought our first home together, the Tupperware moved with me from that house.  I packed it, ipso facto, it’s mine!  Thinking about it now, it may have come from New Jersey.  I’m not sure where the other roommate was from.  (And there were actually others in the house before them.)   But it did make its way to Philly.

When the time came to move to Ankara, I had to access a 3-story house and basement.  What would come?  What would stay?  The Tupperware came!

I spent this past weekend at my brother-in-law’s home in Kayseri.  My mother-in-law was there too.  She spent the weekend cooking our favorite treats.  Lo and behold, out of her bag, my Tupperware appeared!  I was not aware that she had it, but here it was, and in Kayseri.

Home Again!

So from unknown origins, my Tupperware traveled to Philadelphia, to Ankara, and to Kayseri!  I wonder what it has seen?  And where will it go next?  You better believe I have it now!

PS – if any of my siblings are reading this, I gave Mom 4 very nice Tupperware bowls with lids – purple and turqouise.  She was down to one within a few months.  So check your cabinets and bring them back!!!

9 thoughts on “Mystery of the Traveling Tupperware

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  1. Funny, I was sitting here in our office in the UK yesterday, and the new manager we hired was sitting across from me. I noticed she was holding a pen from the Keller School of Management.
    The same pen that I had on my desk, where she was sitting last week while in the States. When I pointed out that she stole my pen, she was horrified, but I laughed and told her to keep it. I was glad to see my pen immigrate to the UK, and hope it enjoys it’s adventures here!

  2. . . only your Tupperware that goes ‘walk -about’? I spend half my life searching for what I KNOW I just put down there! I also don’t believe in fairies so it has to be ‘someone’ who is moving or borrowing my stuff. J says I’m just a silly, forgetful old fart (she’s from Yorkshire so is not only blunt and to the point (interesting use of language, that), she can be jolly hurtful too) who doesn’t know what he’s doing from one minute to the next! I know better – it’s a conspiracy, that’s what it is!

  3. T,

    This is the blog of all blogs. I do believe that the missing Tupperware has went to a pandemic situation!

    We too, are missing some of ours…hmm

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