Perking the Pansies . . . the Book!

Just imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the  liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to a Muslim country.
Jack and Liam, fed up with kiss-my-arse bosses and nose-to-nipple  commutes, quit their jobs and move to a small town in Turkey. Join the  culture-curious gay couple on their bumpy rite of passage in a Muslim  country.
Meet the oddballs, VOMITs, vetpats, emigreys, semigreys,  debauched waiters and middle England miseries. When bigotry and  ignorance emerge from the crude underbelly of Turkey’s expat life, Jack  and Liam waver. Determined to stay the course, the happy hedonistas  hitch up their skirts, move to the heart of liberal Bodrum and fall in  love with their intoxicating foster land. Enter Jack’s irreverent world  for a right royal dose of misery and joy, bigotry and enlightenment,  betrayal and loyalty, friendship, love, earthquakes, birth, adoption and  a senseless murder.
Perking the Pansies will make you laugh out loud  one minute and sob into your crumpled tissue the next.
“An entertaining story, told with wit and insight.” Paul Burston, author, The gay Divorcee

Read more and learn how to order it  by clicking here.

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  1. Terry. Thank you so much for posting this and endorsing the book. It means a great deal when fellow jobbing bloggers take the time to show support. Best wishes. Jack

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