So now it’s October, Ekim.   The days are still bright and sunny.  The evenings have become crisp and chilly.

My thoughts have turned to things I enjoyed in the States.  Going to the old Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia for the Halloween tours.  Selecting and carving a pumpkin.  Planting mums.  Haunted hayrides while enjoying hot apple cider.  Bike rides through Fairmount Park.  Bass fishing at Marsh Creek. Shooting bow and arrow into hay bales.  The Marshalton Triathlon.  Wine tastings at the ChaddsFord Winery.   Long drives on country back roads.

JJ carves the pumpkin

Leaves changing to hues of red, yellow, and orange.

Along the Schuylkill - JDRF Walk 2009

This is my second full Autumn in Ankara.  Last year, I was still getting into the swing of things here.  But this year, I want to learn how to fully enjoy the season here.  Do you have any suggestions?  Here are a few suggestions I have found so far:

  • Our friends at Archers of Okçular visited Amasra and Safranbolu.
  • The Eurasia Marathon will be held in Istanbul on October 16th.
  • Karen at Being Koy rents out her adorable place in Kirazli Village.
  • The Oktoberfest at the Germany Embassy in Ankara is scheduled for the weekend of the 15th – but sadly – tickets are sold out.
  • Spend an afternoon hiking around Eymir Gölü.
  • The 5th International Flamenco-Ankara Festival,  will take place between October 5 and 9. There will be 17 participants including Joaquin Grilo, Manolo Franco and David Perez, from 3 countries. The festival is organized by the Flamenko-Ankara / METU Classical Guitar Society.
  • Follow Claudia to learn what’s in season at your local Pazar and a new delicious recipe.
  • Thinking about a weekend in Bodrum?  Check out what Jack has to say at Perking the Pansies.
  • The 22nd Efes Pilsen Blues Festival is going on in many cities.  A calendar can be found here.
  • Natalie at Turkish Travel Blog has a ton of great suggestions for a weekend trip.
Finishing the 8k of the 2010 Eurasia Marathon
Thinking about apple cider?  Hmmmmm.  And a big Orange pumpkin?  Let me know where you find them!  and of course . . . a hayride . . . . 

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  1. You can take a quick trip to Antalya for a beach vacation! It’s still summer here. Just got back from the beach.

  2. Today Archers are enjoying the delightful town of Iznik with its beautiful lake and beautifully restored ruins (if that makes sense). This place is a really peaceful retreat and worth the drive to get here.

  3. There is fun for every season and every country has it’s season. Yes, pretty “lofty” I know. Just made it up.

    e.g. We are in Myrtle Beach right now and the temps are in the 70’s while in West Chester temps are in the 50’s. Give me the south in the winter and the north in the summer. How did I ever live in Minnesota for 7 years?

  4. I was just browsing through your post and see you’ve mentioned me! Hey, that’s super! Thanks! I really enjoy your blog, BTW. Seems you are getting the best out of life in Ankara!

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