A Lawyer, by Any Other Name . . .

During this visit to the States, I have had several people ask me how it feels not to be a lawyer anymore.


Shortly before moving to Ankara, I remember having the same conversation with one of my prior bosses.  He is also a good friend and more of a father figure (although he wouldn’t admit the father part.)  He told me that I am simply not practicing at the moment.  But I will always be a lawyer.

My Lawyerly Kind of Look

I find that very true.  As much as I looked forward to the hiatus, I found I couldn’t get away from it, the law, that is.  I live it.  Many who worked with me through the years might find that hard to believe.  I always had a light-hearted attitude towards the work.  But when there was work to be done, you better believe it got done.

I find that I think like a lawyer all of the time now.  I am always considering the other side, another point of view.  I am the devil’s advocate.  I would represent him.  Of course, if he hung himself, it wouldn’t be my fault.  But I would effectively do my job.

I am constantly weighing arguments, searching for truth.  My life as a lawyer comes up in daily situations.  Whether I am discussing pros and cons of what needs to be done at the dog shelter in Ankara, or trying to decide which restaurant to enjoy in Philly, I am thinking like a lawyer.  Laying out the facts.  Gathering the details.  Planning my argument.  Staying within the lines. 

I am also as apprehensive as any lawyer could possibly be.  Law school made me afraid of alot of things.  It taught me to think about consequences.  So now I am afraid to just jump out of my car in the streets of Ankara and battle anyone who gets in my way.  I know what can happen, and I choose to honk and throw my hand up instead.

A friend of mine has asked from time to time about what I’m up to, and what I think of not practicing.  Every once in a while, we will even discuss antitrust cases we see in the news.  He tells me he never hears me so excited as when I talk about price-fixing cases.  I know many don’t agree, but I truly believe in saving little businesses from the big bad boys.  It just feels good – the right thing to do.

Yep, I’m a lawyer.  That’s a fact and I don’t need a shingle to prove it.  I can be many things, a teacher, a writer, a cook, an artist, or a musicain.  But one thing I know I will always be is a lawyer.  I wear it like a well-loved t-shirt every day.

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