Miss Me Yet?

I know, I know. It seems like a week since I have written a post! In my defense, I did add a new page to my blog this week about things for kids to do in Ankara. It didn’t appear as a post, so you may have missed it.

It has been quite a busy week here, so I am going to rely on my trusty Pentax to entertain you.  Here are some recent photos:

Dikmen Pazar
Grains at Olde City Ulus' Castle Area
Plane at METU
The Ankara (Angora) Cat
Kocatepe Cami

And another shot of the mosque – because it is truly beautiful . .. . 

Kocatepe Mosque by Bike

And this looks so much like Princess Patches . . . 

Kitty Enjoys the Finer Things in Life

Uncle-Cousin Rudolf really loved his visit . . . 

Der Koenig von Ankara
Waterfalls Near the Castle in Kecioren

Mom hates the idea of using a wheelchair.  But she has learned to enjoy the fast service you get from using one.  They take you right to the Visa desk.  Get the Visa for you.  Then pop you up to the front of the Passport Control line.  By the way, if anyone knows this gentleman, please tip him for me!  Mom said he was great, but we were so excited, we forgot until it was too late!

Welcome to Ankara!
A Little Time with the S-I-L
Eymir Golu

And we managed a nice Hefeweissen together . . . 

Bavarian Bellies
Clock Tower near Kocatepe
Eileen, Rudolf, and Ann

Last, but not least,

Me & My Babe

Have a Great Weekend and a Happy Father’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Miss Me Yet?

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  1. Yes, Terry, I really miss if you haven´t posted for a while. I like your writings and style, and top of all that, we live in the same city 🙂
    This post has really great pics.
    Could you please tell me about the Dikmen Pazar- where and when is it?
    Thanks and keep going!

    1. Hi Killu, Thanks for reading the blog. I have been very buys so it’s hard to keep up with the blog. I love writing it, but I usually spend hours on one post.

      There is a link to a website for all of the Pazars in Ankara (or at least a lot of them) under the Ankara Links & INfo section of my blog. Enjoy!

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